GMTI Kuala Lumpur

GMTI Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 30 Aug to 3 Sept 2010


This is a Chrisian Event

master LIVE BROADCASTING & WEBCASTING in just 5 days!  

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Here are some testimonials of people that have been through the GMTI Training:


GMTI-UK was a blessing. We had professionals from all of the different aspects of media share with us from their experience and expertise. Most importantly for me, it was an encouragement to see creative media professionals who are sincere and passionate about God's call upon their lives. They encouraged and showed me that my God-given dreams are possible and that with God's help, I will achieve them. Since then, I have begun working on some new ideas to turn existing websites into more viable ministry tools. I also am now getting involved with the media department of my church. God be with you. ~

Eniola, UK

GMTI Chennai

It's been one week since we had a wonderful time at GMTI in Chennai. Thank you so much for providing the technology for us. I am really committed to reaching people through media. You did a wonderful job presenting the programme and challenging us and motivating us in Jesus Christ to work through media.

I shared my testimony in our church regarding GMTI and the faculty who came very sacrificially to equip us, and my church has prayed for the seminar. ~

Ravi, India

GMTI Israel

We were just speaking of the great impartation that was released while the GMTI team was here - not just in the natural realm but in the spiritual too. We made a website that works and are emailing the flock with icontact. We also have a producer coming to build us a studio to broadcast our TV shows on an Arabic- English channel by way of the internet. The vision continuously expands with the Lord's leading in prayer and prophesying daily. ~

Karen, Israel




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